Shenyang Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing ZunYang Technology Co., Ltd. Equipped with various types of modern industrial equipments, our company has demonstrated professional capabilities in the field of R & D, QA, and manufacturing.

  Main products include more than eighty series products that divided into thirty eight types: directly-buried (maintenance free)sleeve compensator (patented), back-flushing liquid filter (patented), manually-brushed filter (patented), cyclone cleaner, steel-made ash bin and devices for power plant, slag bin and equipment, roller-type slag cooler, buried scraper conveyor, bucket elevator, dry ash bulk machine, biaxial mixer, bag type dust collector, dehydration bin, scraper, gasification unit, particle slurry valves, high temperature ash slag valve, damper valve, slow-closing check valve, dry ash valve, three-way valve, electric feeder, box-type ash ejector, fixed chamber belt vacuum filter etc.. These products are widely applied in the industries of district heating, power station ash removal, desulfurization, metallurgy, and mining, coal, chemical, paper-making, pharmaceutical etc..

  During the past 2 decades, directly-buried sleeve compensators produced by our company have been applied in numerous key projects in26 provinces across China. Our compensators have been highly recognized by all of our customers due to their excellent reliability and security.

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